Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A few animals and flora around our home on the high plains of Wyoming.

This calf, Walter II, is here at the ranch, which is part of the mission ranch property. He was orphaned and is being raised by the Cove missionaries and the ranch missionaries.

This mother owl is nesting in the trees here at Missionary Village, or Ranch 66. The baby is trying out his wings and we hope to get a photo before he flies away.

Saw a couple of snakes yesterday. This is a blow snake, like a king snake in that they will kill rattlesnakes. Haven't seen rattlers yet, but many have and they are out now that the weather is warm.

Here in the Village we have antelope roaming. Fences don't keep them out.

The wildflowers are coming out.

And, just so you don't think old missionaries can't act like kids, here we are climbing up Independence Rock, about 5 miles north of the Visitors Center. You can see that we made it!

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  1. Yeah, more pictures! I will be sure to show Chloe. Glad to hear everything is continuing to go well. Miss you guys!