Monday, July 20, 2009

A Family Trek

Cecil and Sharon, Claudia, Brian, Doug, spouses and two grandchildren came up to Martin's Cove last week. We also had Tina and Steve and Paul and Robin, Amy and her friend Eric. We had a great time and these are the photos.

Getting ready to trek. This is out in front of the Trek Center

On the first turn going towards Veil Bridge and the Sweetwater River.

At Veil Bridge the missionaries have stories. Elder and Sister Braiden from Manassa, Colorado, greeted us.

We trekked on to Martin's Cove. This is a 5 mile round trip, the Cove is halfway, and you climb for most of it.

Leaving the Cove, finally downhill a little, on our way to the Sweetwater for a river crossing to commemorate the rescue at the Sweetwater on Nov. 4, 1856.

Here we are reenacting the rescue and the crossing of the Sweetwater. Eric showed us all up and carried Amy across, then showed of by pulling the handcart the last mile or so.

We had a great time with family. John and Jean had a chance to do Ephraim Hanks and Thisbe Read, but no photos, since Eph didn't have a camera. Maybe someone else has a photo we can use.


  1. John and Jean,
    Just a quick note now with more later. Thank you for posting the photos of our most wonderful visit with you and to the Martin's Cove area. You are both amazing. We are still trying to process the whole experience. We are working on our pics and we do have a good one of old Eph. We are so glad that he was able to join us along with sweet Thisbe. We love you! Janet

  2. That looks crazy! So that is what you do with your time there? Looks fun. We are getting ready for Shakespeare on the 6, 7, and 8. It will be a fun drive, but we look forward to seeing the whole family and having a little vacation. Mom, we got the clothes you made for the girls, they look really cute in them. Chelsea took some pictures and I am sure they will be online soon. We miss you and will talk with you soon

  3. Wow! You guys got a whole crew up there! We had a party this weekend and Chloe asked if you guys were coming, but I told her you are still on your mission. We will miss you guys at Shakespeare but you will definately be in our thoughts!

  4. What a fun family trek!!! Krislynn is getting blessed August 16th. I can't believe she is FINALLY here. We are doing great and Lizzie LOVES being a BIG sister. You can see pictures of the girls on our blog:
    We miss you guys, but keep up the great work!

    P.s. Jean I LOVE your salt and pepper hair!!!It is beautiful!

  5. Sister Fenn, I am Sandy Wallace, are you the sister I talked with at the visitors center at Martins Cove? If so I have lost your email address. If you will email me at and I will in turn send you the info you requested about my ancestors who were in the Martins Handcart Co. I have more relatives to add to the list. Thank you.