Friday, April 17, 2009

First Days in Wyoming

We're here!!! We arrived on Tuesday, April 14th, set up our 5th wheel, and got started. There are about 15 couples here now, with another 30 or so scheduled between the end of this month and June. We spent the first days "working" to help get the Handcart Site ready for two weekends of Trek Leader Seminars. These are the days that stake leaders come to get ready for their treks this summer. Jean spent most of her time in the kitchen getting ready and I was in the workshop painting signs for the Cove area. We're excited and are ready to start.

Photos above are taken at the site of "Missionary Village" about 10 miles from Martin's Cove Visitors Center.
Until we learn to use this blog, you'll have to just wade through. We promise to get better


  1. What a beautiful sunset! Sounds like you guy are off to a good start. Dustin tried to buy a webcam but it didn't work very well, so we are going to buy another one. Miss you guys and thank you so much for the post- keep 'em coming!

  2. Looks and sounds like fun!! I hope you continue to have time to blog--I'm excited to see what you are doing!