Saturday, April 18, 2009

Trekking to Martin's Cove

Yesterday we trained a group of Trek Leaders from stakes all over the west who are bringing groups later this summer. We took them on a trek from the Visitor's Center trough Martin;s Cove, along the Sweetwater where the rescue across the river took place and then back to the Center. A great day and we met a lot of fine people. We finish the training today (Saturday)

We walked up into the Cove , snow and all, and had a chance to see where the company spent 4-5 horrific days. During that time they lost 56 members of the company, buried them in snow and left them to the wolves. No choice!! The photos are of views up into the cove, of us with the cove behind and below us and of one of the statues near the Sweetwater that depict the rescuers carrying members of the company across the river. Those of us in the Fenn family owe our lives to those brave, young rescuers. It was quite an emotional walk.


  1. Thank goodness you are mountain foke and can handle the snow. BRRRRR!!!

  2. Looks cold but very inspirational experience. Thanks so much for another post! Chloe keeps asking to see you guys so I will show her these pictures. Also, I'm requesting pictures of the trailer.

  3. Hi! It's good to see your pictures here. :)